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“Our RDI Technologies IRIS M motion camera has quickly become the most used piece of advanced technology in our rotating equipment department. The IRIS M is extremely exciting for us as it is the first genuinely new form of vibration analysis equipment since we stopped recording with audio tape 30 years ago. Finally clients who can’t read a spectrum or waveform truly understand the gravity of their vibration issues.”  

–  Bryant Sutton, Operations Manager, Southern Services Inc.

Very good investment.

– Frederic Robinet, Owner, Machinery Reliability Solutions

One of the most disruptive problem solving tools I have ever seen!”

– John Schultz, Executive Vice President, TF Hudgins, Allied Reliability Group

This video amplification technology has limitless applications. RDI has helped Millennitek identify motion and vibration issues that have resulted in improved yields and predictive maintenance planning. This is a must see technology that is cutting edge.”

– Steve Getley, President, MillenniTEK LLC

This has proved to be a great assistance to rectifying a long term plant issue. After only a short set up time it confirmed our vibration and phase measurement’s without physically touching the plant.

– Peter Fanning, Condition Monitoring Team Leader, AGL Loy Yang


“When I am sold on a technology, I am lavish in my praise. Your Motion Amplification technology truly deserves it.”

– Dale Malony, System Engineer, Honda of America Mfg, Inc.


Motion Explorer Update for the Iris M

RDI Technologies is excited to release Motion Explorer. Motion Explorer is an upgrade to RDI’s flagship product, the Iris M.  This application allows you to manage all of your MotionAmplification data from one place. You will now be able to preview your recordings before opening them, organize your data in a hierarchical structure, and associate files such as PDFs and MP4s with your recordings.

Along with Motion Explorer, users will also receive an exciting set of new features for the Iris M.

  • Region Based Amplification – Users can overlay shapes to define what regions are amplified and an unlimited number of regions can be applied.
  • Image Thresholds – Users can choose what portion of the camera’s available dynamic range is displayed on the screen and exported into the MP4.
  • Rotate Image – Users can rotate the collected recordings by 90°, 180°, and 270° and the acquisition software shows a live preview of the rotated view
  • Multiple Distance Measurements – Users can drop pins on multiple locations and enter associated distances to be retrieved in Motion Amplification for analysis of multiple locations

How Does Motion Amplification Work?

RDI’s patented technology measures deflection, displacement, movement and vibration not visible to the human eye. We utilize video camera technology in conjunction with our software and processing algorithms to extract meaningful data. This technology turns every pixel in the camera’s view into a sensor capable of measuring vibration or motion with high levels of accuracy.

The results lend themselves to a visualization of the motion. We can measure and quantify any structural assets that a camera can see. Motion Amplification is a proprietary video processing algorithm that detects subtle motion then amplifies that motion to a level visible with the naked eye which enhances the understanding of the components and interrelationships creating the motion.

Why is Visualization So Important?

Visualization is key to determining faults in machinery, infrastructure, and human performance. You can look at numbers and analysis from tools like accelerometers, strain gauges, modeling software, or even our own patented optical sensing technology and still not be able to visualize what the problem is. Sometimes just being able to see what is happening can change your perspective completely and allow for a more targeted and cost effective approach to fault analysis. There are tools to magnify an image or to offer point measurements on a machine or piece of infrastructure, but no real way to see what is happening live and over the whole asset until now.  RDI offers the first non-invasive, simple, and cost effective way to visualize what is happening beyond what you can see with your eye.

We aren’t guessing at the motion or adding in artifacts, you are seeing the true microscopic motions of any object in the field of view.

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